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Distribute Music on USB

www.CustomUSBSales.com is delivering a service where bands can distribute music on USB Flash drive or webkey as outlined in the articles " weirdest-ways-to-distribute-music" by wired magazine and "think-outside-the-cd-3-simple-steps-to-releasing-your-album-on-usb" by Sonic Bids. It's a bit more expensive than the traditional CD however you can put a lot more content on a USB including multiple CD's, video, interviews, backstage passes, customized EPK’s, promo handouts or greatest hits compilations etc.Up to 64GB memory. It's a great feature for seasoned bands that have and want to deliver a lot of content. Custom USB Sales also delivers an option to use "Connect to Web" products which are similar to USB's however it drives the user to a secure web page to view the content. There is no memory built into the unit. These are even more cost effective than USB and are close in pricing to a traditional CD.Here's a video about the connect to web product.

Connect to web

ECMA and Juno Award winning producer Paul Milner of Shell Lane Studios in PEI says " This is a strong way for musicians to deliver content to their fan base, people still want to have something in hand rather than get lost in the sea of content on the internet". Each USB has a unique identifier and can be "locked" down so no copying or printing The USB can be built into the album cover so you still get the traditional way of showing off an album cover. Whitewater is thinking of releasing the upcoming song "shores of home" on CD. See example below.

Whitewater Band USB

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